My thoughts on the Washington Redskins Team Name


Being Hispanic and part Indian, I find that this whole issue is just another example of the left’s liberalism run amok.  The Washington Redskins have a long history to show that the team’s name does not demean or insult Native Americans.  George Allen even went to the Tribal Council of North American Indian Nations about the team’s name, and the majority consider the team’s name to be a badge of honor for their warriors to be called Redskins.  95% of Native Americans do not find the name insulting or demeaning, yet the one activist group demands that the team change its name.  Why should they just because the liberal Democrats and liberal media have decided that the team’s name is insulting and derogatory.  The NFL and the team owned by Dan Snyder, which is a privately owned business with no shareholders, are the one’s who should listen to the liberals demands, and listen to the team’s supporters, and then they should decide whether to change the team’s name.  I would like to hear your views on this issue because being a lifelong Redskins fan, I have listened to the left’s demands for changing the team’s name, which they do not offer any good reason backed up by facts to change the name other than this one liberal activist group finds the name offensive.  I’ve also read Dan Snyder’s response and did some fact checking and found that he is stating facts in his response to his detractors.  So let me hear your views on this issue because I for one do not find any good reason for the team to change its name other than for the sake of political correctness.


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